A Guide to Your Video Project Journey

January 12, 2024
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The Players: Who's Who in Your Project

Initial Contact at YouMore

Your journey begins with the initial contact at YouMore. This is the person you've been speaking to about bringing your project to life. They're here to guide you through the initial discussions and set the stage for a successful collaboration.

Project Manager

The Project Manager takes charge of all the details, pulling together notes from meetings and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Consult with them on everything you need to know in the run-up and aftermath of your project. They're the linchpin that keeps your project on track.

Shoot Lead

On the day of the shoot, your Shoot Lead takes centre stage. They're responsible for running the shoot, and ensuring a clear understanding of what needs to be captured. Reach out to them for details on the day, and they'll be your friendly guide, making sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Ideation: Where It All Begins

Always start with ideation. Whether it's your brainchild or a collaborative effort with us, having a clear project plan is crucial. Define the purpose, usage, and expected output of the project. This initial plan sets the foundation for a successful venture, and we recommend allocating around two months from ideation to the finished video.

Planning the Shoot: Setting the Stage

Planning is key to a smooth shoot. Get in touch to find suitable dates, and confirm on-camera talent, locations, and timings. Tidy up the details, and a few days before the shoot, we'll confirm that all is set. This meticulous planning ensures a hassle-free filming experience.

Filming: Bringing Ideas to Life

Our shoots typically last at least half a day, depending on your project's scope. It takes us about half an hour to set up, with two dedicated members of our team on hand. Your Shoot Lead will be there to guide you through the process, ensuring your satisfaction and meeting all project objectives. We provide guides to optimise your on-camera performance and capture the best content.

Editing: Crafting the Narrative

The editing process usually takes 2-3 weeks for the first draft. Collaborate with us to achieve your vision — we can share a raw first edit for your input, especially for projects with multiple speakers. For creative pieces, music is a crucial element, so communicate your preferences early on. For multi-video projects, we may edit one video fully before applying consistent design elements across all pieces.

Amends: Fine-Tuning Your Content

Amends are a natural part of the process. Focus on objective feedback — correcting inaccuracies, refining messaging, or improving product representation. Distinguish between objective and subjective amends, and avoid subjective changes like personal preferences. Streamlined feedback from key stakeholders ensures a constructive editing process.

Implementation: Maximising Your Investment

The implementation phase is arguably the most critical. Clearly define who is responsible for ensuring the video gets used and specify where and when it will be deployed. Consider how to leverage the content beyond the original plan — can it be repurposed for blogs, web pages, emails, and social posts?

Key Takeaways

  • Collaboration from the Start: Decide on the collaborative nature of the project early on to avoid rework.
  • Unique Coaching Experience: Benefit from our Shoot Leads' expertise, setting us apart from traditional videographers.
  • Plan for Usage: Ensure you have a strategy for using the content to derive maximum value from your investment.
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