How to Increase Views and Engagement On Your Videos

October 11, 2021
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We see it all the time from businesses we work with in and around Edinburgh. We'll quickly pull together a short behind-the-scenes video and post it on socials, only to discover that it significantly outperforms the real video itself. Why is that?

Well, most people go through a transformation the moment that little red recording light starts flashing. They go from being friendly, relaxed, and funny to being serious, nervous, and boring. Something about the knowledge that they're being recorded changes them completely into an almost unrecognisable person.

So what can be done about this? The only way to retain the "real you" in front of the camera is to intentionally practice. The more you get used to being recorded, and the more intentional you are about retaining your character, the more natural you're going to appear. This will help to massively improve both your engagement with your audience/customers and your overall reach.

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