Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

March 31, 2023
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Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

“Inbound marketing” and “content marketing” are two phrases that you’ve probably heard before. They’re all the rage! For businesses who are looking to grow their brand, boost their conversion and increase their sales, using inbound marketing is becoming a more and more popular strategy. But what does this mean? And how do inbound and content marketing relate to one another?

Inbound Marketing

“Inbound marketing” can be thought of as marketing to attract clients. This contrasts with the typical perception of marketing, which is chasing clients. Instead of going after clients irrespective of whether they’re interested in your business or not, inbound marketing brings people to you.

Inbound marketing isn’t simply about marketing your business to as many people as possible. It’s about reaching the right people; people who are genuinely interested in buying what your business offers. Not only does this save time by cutting out a lot of dead-end enquiries, it’s also a far more efficient way of marketing. You won’t be wasting time and money on capturing the attention of people who will never realistically be interested in what you’re offering. You’ll have a more focussed target to aim for, giving you a greater chance of sales and success!

Instead of churning out adverts that scream “look at me! Look how great my product is”, inbound marketing tends to focus on the customer. This means addressing the concerns and questions they have, and the problems they might be experiencing that your business can solve. By starting with the needs of your customers, rather than your own business, you will get people coming to you who are at the very least considering buying. This makes the task of securing sales a far more straightforward one, and means you can tailor your strategy to a specific audience, increasing the likelihood of securing even more sales.

Through inbound marketing you can make your business to clients what a nice pot of honey is to a bear: irresistible!

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Content Marketing

How do you turn your business into this lovely honey trap, though? This is where content marketing comes into it.

Content marketing is where a business looks to add value to their clients through educating them and solving their problems. You may have guessed it already, but this is done through content.

By creating content like video tutorials, blogs, and testimonials your business will be able to answer any question a client could possibly have. This will put you in a position of authority when it comes to your industry, and immediately build trust that will contribute towards customers’ decision to buy. If you’re able to answer the questions your clients may have and show them how you’ll solve their problems through content then you’ll attract people who are in need of what you provide, and convince them that you’re the business for them!

What Content? And Where?

When most business owners think about creating content, their first thought tends to be social media. However, content marketing should not be this restricted. Content has a place right through your business’ sales funnel, marketing strategies and customer interactions.

Websites, email correspondence and social media all benefit from helpful and informative content that builds trust. These can be done through videos, blogs and imagery that showcase your team and services, as well as imparting valuable information about your industry.

By implementing content throughout your business you’ll show your audience that you’re the right business for them. You won’t need to push your business on an audience - let your content do the talking, show your value through educational and helpful content, and you will attract more leads with a greater chance of conversion.

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Inbound and Content Marketing

Hopefully you can see the relationship between content and inbound marketing. With the right content you’ll increase traffic, conversion rates, leads and consequently sales for your business. Inbound marketing - attracting clients - should be the overall aim of your marketing activities. And your method of carrying this out should be through implementing content throughout your business. Not just any content, though. It should specifically be content made to educate and build relationships with clients. This way you will attract customers who are genuinely interested in your business, meaning it will be that much easier to convert their interest into a tangible sale!

So, be the worker-bees to create that irresistible pot of oozing honey and you’ll have honey-starved clients coming from far and wide to have a smackerel of your honey-glazed content.

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