Evergreen and Deciduous Content

January 30, 2023
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When a business creates content it can generally be categorised into two sections: evergreen and deciduous.

This means long-term content that can be used for years vs short-term content that is only relevant here and now; it’s relevant to a specific moment.

Evergreen Content

Long-term, evergreen content includes content that answers FAQs, educational resources, or more general information about your business and its values.

You might think of this type of content as more valuable. Given the expense of content creation, especially videos, having content that you can use for years to come gives you a great return on investment. Equally, with lots of this content you can leverage it across various platforms: your website, social media, email campaigns and wherever else you can put content.

This content won’t just be for the short-term. It’s not something that you use on social media once and then forget about. They are long-term digital assets; pillars for your business that will allow you to connect with clients for years to come.

Deciduous Content

Whilst long-term content promises a great return on investment, short-term content can be equally as valuable.

The deciduous content you produce will often be more spontaneous, relatable and relevant to a specific moment in time. This might be promoting a new product, introducing a new team member or something relevant to a particular time of year like Christmas.

In general, this content will be more exciting and engaging than long-term content. It can often show a bit more about your business and the people behind it by being more spontaneous.

However, it is probably more limited than long-term content in terms of the platforms it can be used on. Social media and email campaigns are the obvious places for short-term content. These show what your business is doing at a particular moment in time, and as such the stream of short-term content can create something of a narrative. This keeps people engaged and up-to-date with what your business is doing, and as such nurtures relationships with your audience.

The value of this is clear; it keeps your business on people’s minds and means that when someone comes to making a decision about who to buy from your business will be the first they think of!

Content Forest

Think of content like a forest. Forests are made up of evergreen trees that retain their leaves all year 'round, standing strong and staunchly weathering wind, rain and snow. Then you have deciduous trees that lose their leaves periodically, but come out in a beautiful bloom when the time is right.

Both of these trees are vital for the forest. A forest of deciduous trees alone would have completely barren moments, full of bare branches. However, if it was only made up of evergreen trees then it would lose its most beautiful attraction; the bright, full, seasonal bloom of the deciduous trees.

Similarly, you need evergreen content to be the firm pillars of your content forest. These will always be there, offering stability and providing a solid base of essential information. But without your deciduous content you'll be missing out on things that can really capture the attention and provide a bright, if brief, moment.

Content that's relevant to a specific moment in time shows your business is keeping up with trends and really knows its clientele, whereas content that will always be relevant provides a firm platform and ensures the things that come up time and time again are covered.

So look at your content forest, and use this to inform your decisions when making content in future. Do you have your evergreen content sorted? When people enter your website can they get their questions answered? Will they get to know your team? These are the pillars of your business that build the foundation of your business-client relationships.

On the other hand, what do people see when they look at your social media pages? Outdated information? Sporadic posting? Or do they see a regular stream of valuable, up-to-date and relevant content? Without this you’ll struggle to engage your audience and build long-lasting relationships that keep people coming back time and time again!

So make sure you have variety. Keep your forest green 365 days-a-year with your evergreen content, but don’t forget the value of your blooming deciduous trees as they come and go over time.

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