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When was the last time you thought about the journey your customers go on through your business? The emails they receive, the way your team answer their questions, the way you follow up after a job well done?

Every interaction with a customer is with content, it may be words, video, a nicely designed printed folder, but who thought of it in the first place and when was the last time you even thought about it?

Create content that enriches their journey with YouMore.

Who we are

We are a team, based in the heart of Edinburgh, who love to get stuck in to businesses who have a passion for wowing their clients through experience. From videographers, to copy-writers we help enrich your customers, your team and your own journey through business too, with an exciting, authentic fun approach to everything we do.
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We make a lot of videos, but we aren't just the video guys - we are the guys who make great content showcasing your business and enriching the journey your clients go on with you. From blogs, to photos, to template emails to 'Day in the Life' videos - we got a lot of bases covered (and all those bases are covered by employed in-house team!). Check out more what we have to offer below!


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