Inbound Marketing: Earn Trust with Unbiassed Content

May 3, 2023
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Inbound marketing is all about earning the trust of your audience through the creation of valuable content. You share content that people find useful, informative, or just enjoyable, and you forge a relationship between your business and them.

Because of this thought, there has been a drive towards inbound marketing content. According to 93x, 60% of all companies in Europe are using inbound marketing strategies, so you can imagine the majority of marketing strategies for Edinburgh based businesses also employ inbound tactics. Educational articles, meet the team videos and product tutorials are all types of content you will be familiar with – businesses are creating more and more content along these lines to build relationships with their customers. 

Create Unbiassed Content

But there is one thing you need to be aware of when creating content: the customer assumes you’re biassed! And if they think you’re biassed it makes earning their trust very tricky.

So one of the most important things you should be doing when creating content is to think how you can eliminate any idea that you’re biassed. Don’t over exaggerate, don’t brag, don’t unfairly criticise your competitors, and don’t tell people your product is right for them when it’s not!

This applies to almost all content you create, but especially to content designed to answer your clients’ questions. If someone comes to your business asking “do you know of any alternatives to your product” and your answer is “no”, that’s not a great look! You will either look completely dishonest or like you don’t know anything about your industry. Neither of these are helpful when trying to build trust!

Instead you should look to disarm potential customers with completely unbiased and honest replies to their questions. If a client were to say “my lawn is getting too long, is buying a herd of cattle to give the grass a trim my best option” then the answer is “probably not”! Be honest about who your product is best suited to. With the internet people can find the answer themselves, and you’re just damaging your reputation by being dishonest.

So practise honesty with your content. Tell them what you sell, who it’s for, and any pros and cons between you and your competitors. Do this and you’ll be creating trusting, long-lasting relationships with clients in no time!

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