Removing Client Doubt with "What to Expect" Videos

July 14, 2023
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In any industry, doubt can be a major roadblock preventing potential clients from making a purchase. When people are considering a purchase, they not only want to know what they'll get for their money but also what the entire buying experience will look like. They seek reassurance about the process, potential spamming of emails, and the quality of customer service they can expect. To overcome these doubts, it's crucial to provide a clear understanding of your business, products, and procedures. One effective way to achieve this is through the use of "what to expect" videos.

Put Yourself in Your Clients' Shoes

As professionals working in a specific industry, we often forget what it's like to be a buyer. What may seem obvious to us might be completely unknown to our clients. So it can be a useful tool to put ourselves in their shoes and address any concerns they may have about our processes. This is especially crucial in niche industries where clients may have less knowledge. By anticipating their questions and providing detailed information, we can alleviate their doubts and build trust.

Plan for Updates

Practical considerations should also be taken into account, as businesses evolve over time. Pricing, for example, may change, so it's important to plan ahead and film the "what to expect" video in a way that allows for updates in the future. This ensures that the video remains relevant even if there are modifications to the business.

Is a What to Expect Video Necessary?

Now, you might be wondering whether a video is necessary to convey this information. While it's not the only option, a "what to expect" video can be far more effective than a simple set of bullet points. By using video, you can create a more authentic connection with your audience, build trust, and demonstrate transparency. It shows that you have nothing to hide and are genuinely committed to helping your clients.

So, doubt can be a big hindrance to a client's decision to make a purchase. To overcome this doubt, it is vital to provide clear information about your business, products, and procedures. A "what to expect" video offers an excellent opportunity to do so, as it allows you to build trust, create a personal connection, and demonstrate transparency. So, start filming and let your clients know what they can expect from your business!

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