Shut Those Doors!

September 14, 2021
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As humans, we really don't like our options to shut on us. We like leaving all of our options open, juust in case! Holding all those doors open though, not only drains your energy and your time, but it ends up leaving you less able to be there for the things that really matter.

Maybe you're spending hours each week on an email marketing campaign that only three people are receiving, in the hopes that one day someone will fall down your carefully constructed sales funnel. Maybe you're spending too much time editing every stray hair out of your social media posts, or writing endlessly long, detailed captions that no one ever reads. Maybe it's time to stop bashing that square peg into the round hole and try something different.

So, what doors are you holding open just in case? Perhaps it's time to close some of them, to make way for better opportunities down the line. You never know what's just around the corner!

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