Why Email Marketing Campaigns are Important for Your Small Edinburgh Business in 2023

April 13, 2023
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Email campaigns are a valuable marketing tool for small businesses to make use of, but too many businesses in Edinburgh and beyond don’t make the most of them. Small businesses don’t have bottomless budgets to spend on marketing, and as a result they don’t prioritise email marketing. But this means they miss out on a lot. Keeping in touch with customers who have bought from your business before elevates the chances of them doing so again. It will keep your business in the forefront of their mind so, next time they need a product or service provided by your industry, the chances of them buying from you again are higher.

Email Marketing for Edinburgh

Cities like Edinburgh offer a huge potential audience for your email campaigns. A key thing here is the audience are all in the Edinburgh area - they are local to your business so there’s every possibility that they will buy from you. This separates email marketing slightly from social media marketing, which often gets more attention from businesses in 2023. Anyone, anywhere can follow you on social media. But is someone on the other side of the UK really likely to use your services instead of a business local to them? Probably not! With email marketing you can get a far greater conversion rate simply by focussing on people who will realistically buy from you. Learn more about the key differences between email and social media marketing in our article.

The added benefits of having a local audience is you can tailor your messaging to make it more relatable and relevant. As a result you will build a stronger relationship with your target audience, who will feel more connected to your business and the people within it. People love to support their local businesses - so take advantage of that fact!

Who Should I Target with Email Campaigns?

So, you know that people in the Edinburgh area should be your rough target audience, but who exactly? The key group you need to be leveraging with your email campaigns are people who have bought from you before.

If they’ve bought from you before, there’s a good chance that at some point in the future they’ll be needing your services again. You can think of emailing previous customers as after sales care - a vital part of the customer journey (read more about the importance of after sales service in our article). With regular emails with value-adding content you’ll increase the chances of them using your business again. This is such a huge group of people with a high chance of buying from you, focussing your email marketing on them is a no brainer!

For small businesses in particular, having returning customers is important for ensuring you have a financially viable future. A loyal customer base will give you business time and time again. It will also present more leads and more customers as recommendations are given, reviews are left, and your reputation grows.

Use Your Database for Email Marketing Mailing Lists

Where do you find your previous customers?

You have the right to email the hundreds or thousands of people who have bought from your business before to see if they would be interested in buying again. But lots of small business owners are not making the most of this opportunity. We get it - there’s a lot on your plate! This is really something that is worth taking advantage of though.

We’ve found lots of business owners we work with in Edinburgh aren’t even aware of their database of previous customers. But you can find a list of buyers somewhere in your business, this might be in:

  • Your accounting software (like Xero).
  • Your CRM system.
  • Even in your email account.

This database is one of the most important assets you have for securing recurring business. Once you’ve found it, put it into your mailing software and your email campaigns will be good to go!

So small businesses should take email marketing more seriously if they want to become a recognised name in their area, build a loyal base of repeat customers, and grow your business through valuable content and a great reputation.

Get in touch with our team if you want to get started with your email campaigns in the near future!

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