Customer Journeys: Social Media is the new Shop Front

April 27, 2023
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Traditionally, shop fronts have been a vital part of businesses on the high street. Whether on Edinburgh's Princes Street or a rural town's main road, businesses used their shop front as a first point of contact with customers. Today, though, there is a new shop front: social media. And with it, social media marketing has become a major point of interest.

How you appear on your social media channels has a massive influence over attracting new clients. With so much activity to compete with, making a good first impression is pretty important. Social media is an infinite space, filled with a potentially infinite amount of competition. Compared to the high street, where competition was limited to the other businesses there and then, this is a big leap. There are still business competitors, but also everything else vying for attention; memes, ads, and live diaries from every other person to name a few. So, even if your services are the best around, as long as your virtual shop front is a mess people will likely give it a miss. Think, if you walked past a shop with a cluttered, disorganised, uninviting appearance, would you go in or carry on by?

Make Your Social Media Accounts an Appealing Shop Front

You don’t need to break the bank or hire a social media manager to improve your social media presence. There are some basic things you can do to improve the look of your pages. Here are some of our top tips:

Use Engaging Content for Social Media

This means having an interesting visual style, keeping your content short and snappy, and making sure all content is transcribed and captioned. These might all seem like quite basic, self-explanatory things, but they’re key to engaging an audience.

If your content stands out then you stand a far greater chance of making people pay attention. But there are lots of other things to compete with, so make sure your content gets to the point quickly! Don’t include lots of irrelevant information; get to your point quickly before people lose interest and move on.

By having a shop front that stands out with eye-catching, value-adding displays you’ll get more visitors and, inevitably, more sales!

Top tip: Video has been proven to be the most engaging form of content over images and text. So make use of it! Check out our article on best practices for social media content.

Have a Social Media Content Strategy

Your virtual shop front needs to be planned out. It can’t be all cluttered with a random, eclectic mix of things that don’t tell you anything about what your business offers. You wouldn’t put a Christmas tree in your shop window in the middle of summer (I hope)! Keep your content relevant and regularly updated, removing irrelevant information and keeping it current.

Having a plan is also useful for practical reasons. If you are posting randomly, with no set plan, it can be hard to tell what’s going well and what isn’t going so well. By keeping track of your posts and being deliberate about what’s on your pages you can harness the potential of social media by tracking the effectiveness of various posts.

Top tip: Look out for industry-specific events or occasions that you could post about. This will keep your posts relevant and show you as an expert in your field! See our article on tips for effective social media marketing for more useful information.

Social media is becoming a more and more prominent player for marketing teams. Consumer habits are changing; less people are buying from the high street nowadays, with consumers favouring online shopping. Having great looking pages on social media will not only enhance your appeal, but it could actually be detrimental to neglect your social media. For many people today, if they saw an old, outdated social media page with little to no activity it would immediately leave a negative impression. So keeping on top of things really is important.

At YouMore, we think there’s no better way of tidying up your shop window than by putting you, the people behind the business, at the forefront of your brand and allowing your personality to showcase your product.

So, to get your social media pages attracting new clients and adding serious value for your business, do some research, get some help, or shoot us a message to see how we can help!

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