Increase Your Conversion Rate with Your Landing Page

January 27, 2023
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Increase Your Conversion Rate with Your Landing Page

Your landing pages are key for engaging clients on your website. It’s a chance to move them along the customer journey from browsing to seriously considering your business. But there is a common problem that businesses find with their landing pages: people don’t interact with them!

All too often when people are met with an online form they are immediately suspicious. As a result, they decide against providing the required information and will carry on browsing. This means that businesses miss out on so many potential clients because they fail to properly engage them. Why does this happen?

Earn Trust with Video Content

How do you get potential clients to a place where they feel comfortable filling out a form on your website? Earning trust is one of the most important things for businesses who are looking to increase their conversion rate, but it’s also one of the hardest. How can you possibly earn the trust of someone who you’ve never met before?

There are few better ways of building a great relationship with clients and increasing your conversion rate than with helpful, authentic and transparent videos. When looking to create these types of videos, your landing pages should be your top priorities.

Implement Video Content on Landing Pages

What is a Landing Page?

What’s a landing page? I’m glad you asked. Landing pages are where customers will arrive if they click a “Get a Quote” or “Contact Us” link and involves a call to action. This could be providing some sort of personal information like contact details or filling in a form.

However, people are often cautious about providing the required information. They will be concerned that their data might be abused in some way, meaning they wake up to a flood of spam emails, phone calls and sales reps clawing at their front door like well-dressed zombies! All of these fears can be washed away with a simple, concise video that directly addresses them.

How to Create a Landing Page Video

When I say “directly address their fears”, I mean it! Make your video clearly visible on the page and give it a blindingly obvious title; something like “what will happen when you fill out this form?” I know that seems a bit too basic, but it works! Talk directly to your client’s worries and concerns whilst reassuring them that their inbox won’t be full of junk mail, and they can sleep without the worry of sales-rep zombies munching on their brains.

You should aim to keep the video short and sweet and just explain how you use the information they provide and why it would be beneficial for them to do so. That’s it! This may sound like a slightly over-the-top thing to include on your website, but it’s a tried and tested method. By being slightly bold and upfront you’ll show people that you have nothing to hide. By actively telling people what they want to know you’ll increase the level of trust in your business straight away.

As well as keeping things informative and concise, be friendly! Remember, you’re trying to earn people’s trust. You won’t do this if you come across in an overly transactional manner, or equally if you seem unprofessional. Get the balance right balance between professional and personal [LINK] to really get the most value out of your videos.

Using video on landing pages has been shown to increase the conversion for each page by 80%. In some cases the conversion has even increased by as much as 150%! No matter how many sales your business is getting now, there isn’t a single business in the world who wouldn’t love the chance to engage twice as many people as they are currently. If you’ve got that many more people getting in touch, or getting a quote, think how much would that affect your business!

Having these videos on your landing pages will show your business is transparent, authentic and genuinely wants to help your clients in any way you can. This is hard to come by online and will make your business stand out. So if you want to increase your conversion rates then get filming with your landing page videos - it’s a no brainer!

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