Video Ideas to Increase Conversion Rate

January 26, 2023
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Video Content Ideas to Increase Conversion Rate

Video content is a great tool for increasing a business' conversion rate. It helps to build trust between your business, clients and potential clients. This has a direct impact on sales, warmth of leads and returning customers. Having said that, though, not just any old video will do.

Making video content for your business can be a time consuming and expensive activity, so creating ineffective or misguided videos can be detrimental to your progress and growth. That’s why it’s so important that you’re making videos that will guarantee you a return on that investment by securing more clients, boosting sales figures, and increasing your conversion rate.

You can do this by producing video content that is truly helpful to your clients – do your videos answer genuine questions and concerns that your clients have about your business or industry as a whole? Do they build the foundations for a trusting relationship? Are they going to result in more sales and revenue for your business?

If your videos aren’t going to do these things, there’s a good chanceIf that they will end up costing your business more than they make. To help guide your video making process, here’s a few of our top ideas for great videos that will engage clients and up the conversion rate and transform tentative enquiries into sales.

1. FAQs

For every product and service your business provides, I’m sure you can think of a list of questions that every client asks. I’m also sure you can recite from memory your answer to each of those questions – and are probably getting tired of repeating yourself!

This is where video content comes in. Answer the frequently asked questions about your industry, business, services and products by producing videos where you address these common concerns. By doing this, and putting these videos in places where prospective buyers will be likely to see them (YouTube, social media, website, automated emails, etc.) will mean that initial talk between your sales team and potential clients will go that much smoother. They’ll already feel as if they know you and your team, they’ll have a good grasp of what it is they’re purchasing, and these together mean they’re already further along the sales journey and are that much closer to buying than they would be without the videos!

2. Customer Journey

What better way of attracting new customers and building trust than previous success stories?

A customer journey video could be something like a client testimonial, where they take you from their initial problem, how your company solved it, and where they’re at now.

By doing this, the idea is to show others how you fixed an issue that they might also have. You want people to watch these testimonials and think “I have the exact same problem”, allowing them to relate to the customer on screen and see how your company helped them.

The inclusion of this kind of video within your sales processes could tip the balance in your favour for a potential client who’s sitting on the fence. If they’re unsure, then a success story from someone who was in the same position is likely to sway them.

One thing that often puts businesses off these kinds of videos is the thought that it would be difficult to convince their clients to participate. This isn’t the case! We’ve found that, more often than not, clients are more than happy to get in front of the camera. If they’ve had a really positive experience with you, and you’ve built up a level of trust with them, you’ll find people want to share their experiences. It’s a chance for them to give something back after a great experience working with you and get a bit of the limelight themselves!

3. Claims We Make

What do we mean by a “Claims We Make” video?

Think of this video-type as an “About Us” video on steroids. It’s about addressing the things that set your company apart – your specialist areas, your customer service, your friendly team, etc. – and making a video to back these up!

If you claim “We’re the best at [x] in the whole of [y]” then make a video to back this up; show people that your claim is valid and true! Have a walkthrough tutorial of your amazing facilities, or a timelapse of your work in progress, or share some stories about your team’s career journeys. Don’t just tell people your business is the best, give them indisputable evidence.

By doing this, you’ll inevitably increase your conversion rate. If people can see clear evidence of your business’ work then you’ll increase trust and make it that much harder for people to walk away.

4. Product Showcases

Whatever your business sells in products or services should be described in detail and showcased in videos. People want to know what they’re buying, and by showing people exactly what it is your business offers you’ll attract clients who are interested in your products and services and won’t have your time wasted by people who had the wrong idea.

More than this, though, you’ll also show your expertise. People want to buy from people and businesses they trust and showing that you’re an expert in the field will do wonders for building this relationship.

This is especially relevant if you’re working in a niche industry that most people wouldn’t have any kind of knowledge of. In these cases, clients will often be completely in the dark and you’ll need people to trust that you know what you’re doing if they’re going to put their faith – and money – into your business.

Hopefully these are some good ideas to get you started with. Remember; building trust is the key to converting prospective clients into regulars who’ll use your business time and time again. By creating videos that start building this relationship before you’ve even met you’ll have a head start on competitors and a better chance of growing your business!

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