How Do I Make the Most Out of My Videos?

July 15, 2021
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So, you've got your videos and you've popped them up on your socials.

Job done, right?

Well, sort of, but there's actually a whole load more content you could create from this. Here are a few things to think about that will help maximise the effectiveness and value of your content.

1. Use Them On Your Socials

Have you properly scheduled the videos to go out on socials? Make sure that people are actually going to see them!

If your videos aren't appropriate for socials, think about the small, self-contained segments you could cut out to use across other platforms.

Oh, and make sure to add subtitles to them for maximum effect!

2. Put Them Up On Your Website

Have you managed to build the videos into any of your pages?

Maybe you think that they might not quite fit, but I'll bet there's a section where you could add a wee, "Check out our video talking about this point," thing with a hyperlink to the video. It's super effective!

3. Upload Them To Your YouTube Channel

Why not throw them up on YouTube?

I mean, it doesn't hurt to have them there just for your reference, but more importantly, any content that can help boost your business's SEO and general web presence, is a win.

4. Turn Them Into Written Words is a great place to get transcripts of your videos. Send them away, get the transcripts back before you've finished your cuppa, and use them as a base for a blog post.

90% of the work's already done for you. Simply copy and paste the appropriate sections onto your socials and voila!

Or, why not turn single-sentence quotes into nice little graphics for your socials, too? The possibilities are endless.

5. Extract the Audio

Try extracting the audio and turning it into some sort of podcast series.

Maybe it's a full 20-minute conversation, or maybe it's three-minute bite-size chunks that people can listen to in short, sweet bursts.

Again, this helps with SEO, but it'll also be another building block in the grand construction of your brand's overall credibility, showcasing both your relevance and industry expertise.

6. Integrate Them Into Your Sales Process

Does your content mention a specific area of your business that you're talking about regularly with potential clients? Why not add a link to the video within your sales process, to help broaden a point that you mention?

This will not only increase your credibility with a prospect, but it will also save you a significant amount of time and energy explaining the same thing over and over again.

Let the content that you've already made, speak for you.

The possibilities are endless!

I would guess that for every video you create, there are at least 10 more ways to repurpose that content into something else. So make sure you're gaining maximum value from what you create!

If you need any help, we would love to chat. Hit us up at [email protected] today.

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