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Enriching the journey of your clients, your team and your own mission in through business.

Ultimately we all believe that life is about building great relationships - with friends, family, each other - and that spills into our work too - here we are all about helping you build great relationships with the people around you too.

Meet us, get to know us and we would love to go on the crazy life of business with you together.


We think our team is pretty special.

And that's exactly what we are - a team.

We each pitch in our ideas, unique strengths and skillsets, and focus and passion for both people and great content, and the result is beautiful. We are continually learning from each other, growing in our skills, and pushing each other outside of our comfort zones.

We can't wait to see where we'll be another year's time!

Our people

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So how did this all happen?

I started the business at the height of the pandemic when my events company went to 0. For a year, I had been playing around with content in the event space but when covid happened, it was time to get moving and make it happen. Having used a bunch of marketing companies in the past, I just never was satisfied enough with the relationship I had with them - it felt quite transactional and the lack of transparency (mixed with all the jargon) was just frustrating. My passion for YouMore grew out of building great relationships with people - I hope that as you explore what working with us could look like, know that at the heart of all we do is good times and great friendships.
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