Make Your Business Stand Out With Video Content

March 20, 2023
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Make Your Business Stand Out With Video Content

Video content is a great marketing tool for businesses today. In Edinburgh and across the UK we have seen businesses grabbing the attention of audiences on social media, forging connections with clients before they have ever met, and showing people what makes their business different.

Benefits of Video Content

Video allows your business a lot of freedom and provides amazing potential to let you stand out.

Social Media

More and more businesses use social media today for marketing purposes. It has a potentially infinite market that you can reach for free. With this, though, comes competition. It’s so hard to make people stop and look at your business’ content. Not only do you have other businesses to compete with, but everything else on social media as well!

With innovative video content, though, you have the opportunity to make people stop and take notice. Film something that you haven’t seen from other businesses and your competitors. Highlight something unique to your business that will make people stop and pay attention. You’d be surprised how much people appreciate a post from a business that isn’t all about selling their product! Instead, focus on selling your business.

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Video offers loads of benefits to your website as well. When people are searching for a product or service and land on your website, there’s lots of potential for using video.

Answering FAQs, introducing the team, showcasing your products and services are just some of the things you can use video for.

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Communicating with your clients via email provides more chance to use video. Attaching a helpful video when communicating can make the process smoother and clearer, and can create a positive impression of your business as helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

Can’t I do all that without video?

This is a common thought when making video content: Can’t I make content far easier and cheaper without video?

The answer: Yes, of course you can. There is a “but”, though. It will not be anywhere near as engaging, effective or valuable to your business. Studies suggest that human attention is best captured by video, then by imagery, then text. So, in a world where businesses are constantly vying for attention, video is hugely useful for capturing it.

There are also some things that you simply cannot do without video. By speaking to camera, introducing yourself and sharing personal stories via video you can start building a relationship with clients before they’ve ever met your team. A trusting relationship is key to securing sales, so the time and effort you put into video will bare fruit in the long-run.

Video is also hugely useful for educating audiences. By producing helpful videos on how to use your product, what to expect with your business, or showcases of your previous work, you’ll further build that trusting relationship.

These factors all contribute towards more sales and success for your business. Check out some of our video ideas for increasing conversion rates.

Whilst video content might be more expensive and take more effort than other kinds of content, it offers so much more. The value it can provide your business in terms of engaging potential clients, building relationships and increasing conversion rates is immeasurable. So if you’re thinking about where to invest with your marketing campaigns, video is the way to go.

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