Most Common Challenges in Marketing for 2023

April 28, 2023
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Digital marketing agencies, marketing teams, and businesses in Edinburgh and beyond are constantly faced with new challenges. The world of marketing can be tricky to navigate, and 2023 is throwing up fresh problems for digital marketers to get their heads around! Priorities are always shifting, consumer patterns are constantly changing, and the options available for businesses are evolving at an ever increasing rate; who would have thought TikTok would be such a big marketing platform a few years ago?

This can make plotting a course and sticking to a marketing plan very difficult. Like Christopher Colombus sailing the high seas, you could very easily be disoriented by the forever changing landscape of waves crashing around you. It’s not hard to go off on tangents, chopping and changing between different strategies, and end up going wildly off course. Is your route leading you to the right place, or are your tactics leading you astray? Are you in India or America? With the landscape of marketing changing, it can be hard to aim for your goal and to know when you’ve reached it. With this in mind, here are some of the most common challenges to look out for.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Finding the balance between outbound and inbound marketing is crucial for marketers in 2023. The priorities of marketers will shift between focussing on these two types; from paid “look at me” advertising to more relationship-building focussed content. Both have their advantages and disadvantages so getting a good mix of the two is essential!

Keep Up-To-Date with Digital Marketing Trends

Make sure you’re in-the-know with updates and changes to digital channels. This means finding the best ways to optimise search engine results pages, your website, email, social media, blogs, and so on. Each requires different sorts of content to get the most out of them, but implementation can be tricky!

Have a look at our content implementation page for help with this!

Understanding the Role of the Marketer

Marketing itself has changed, and with it so has the role of the marketer. Marketing today plays a role far later in the customer journey compared to pre-internet marketing. It has an influence over lead generation, deal acceleration and after-sale processes. This means the marketing team has an influence over a greater portion of the customer journey than was the case in the past.

Learn more about the changing role of the marketer!

A recurring theme in all of these challenges concerns the behaviours of consumers. As these change, marketing strategies must change with them or be left behind. In this sense - where changing behaviours are the main challenges for marketing - the same problems as ever are the biggest challenges! It’s the way they are manifesting themselves which is different.

Are you keeping up with the changing environment? Or will you one day land on the wrong continent…

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