We like to keep our pricing simple.

Really, really simple.

Any time spent working on your business is billed, and we track everything, giving you full access to our records so you can see exactly when and what the time was spent on.

Here is why we believe hourly based pricing is the best option for you

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Min. 10 hrs/mth

When it comes to content, we believe the most important thing is that it truly represents you and your brand. Not only should it embody the business “personality”, but also the unique personalities of the people that make your brand what it is. This can then be leveraged to help drive engagement, enquiries, and ultimately sales.

Our dedicated content teams are there to help guide you through this process. From ideas to shoot to distribution, we can help manage the whole process for you, harnessing the power of your business' voice to communicate who you are to your customers.
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One off project


Min. 20 hrs/Project

So, you have an upcoming project you’d like to share? Maybe it’s a new product launch, a giveaway, some testimonial videos from your clients, or you’re launching a hiring campaign and need content from your team about what it’s like to work with you.

We work alongside you and your team to build out your project, grabbing a bunch of content, and guiding you and your team through the process to ensure your project is a roaring success.
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How much content do I get for my money?!

The age old question has haunted us at the beginning of almost every partnership we start. And the difficult thing is, the answer is, we don’t know. We don’t know until we get rolling and started with a project. This video goes into a little more detail about the things that can effect a video shoot, but it is the same across the board with copy, socials, design etc!


Depending on the complexity of your plan for the content you are looking to create, the quantity can vary massively - we have produced videos costing £10 a piece, right up to one video costing over £5,000. To understand a little bit more about what can effect the cost of a piece of work, check out our blog here
Yes, of course! We find that it is good to do one project together first before jumping into a more complex plan going forward. Means you get to decide if you like us, and if we like you too ;)
Often in a fixed fee deal, someone loses - either the client loses because they overpay, or the agency loses because they overservice. It is vary rarely that it is a win|win scenario. With hourly, it means you pay for what you get - no matter how much the project grows or shrinks, the cost does too, and as we get to know you and your business better, we become faster, meaning you get even more for your money. We know that there are also cons of hourly rates, and we have addressed this whole subject here.
In short, if we are focusing on your business, the clock is running - this includes editing, planning, file sorting, thumbnail making, phone conversations and email writing. We track every minute of our time and deliver each month a clear report on when we spent time and on what. The more efficient we work together, the more you get for your money.
This is definitely a 'how long is a piece of string' kind of question! Even small changes like location or 2 or 3 rounds of amends can quickly add up and cause a project to balloon. We always give a ballpark based on previous projects what to expect - a really key indicator is if you share with us a video you have seen in the past that you would like to replicate. It gives us a great understanding of what you are expecting!

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