How to Improve Your Business' "About" Page

April 11, 2023
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When you look at the most visited page on your business’ website, you can bet the “About” page will be near the top of the list. It’s a page that all businesses know they need to have, but few give it the attention needed to really get the most from it.

Lots of people think of the “About” page as a sort of fluffy part of the website that doesn’t actually offer much value. “Everyone has one, so I better have one too” tends to be the line of thought. But this doesn’t take into account the importance it has for connecting your business with your customers.

Why is the “About” Page Important?

So, you know you need an “About” page, but aren’t sure why. There are loads of reasons why every business will have one on their website. Here are a few of them.

Build Trust

This is a fairly obvious one. People feel more comfortable buying from businesses when they feel they know the people behind them. They want to know the story, the individuals in the team, why you do what you do, and so on.

Your About page should tell anyone who wants to know everything they want to know about you and your business! The key to creating content - and there should be no shortage of content on your about page - is to answer clients’ questions. So think of all the questions your customers may have about your business and try to include the answers with your about page.

Increase Conversion Rate

What happens when more people trust your business? That’s right - more people buy from your business! The About page on your website can contribute massively to your conversion rate and can give it a boost.

One of the best ways of doing this is with the content you put on the page. A lump of text reading “we are a video marketing company in Edinburgh that specialises in…” will not win you too many fans, even if it is open and honest. Instead, consider creating a great piece of video content that will sit nicely on your About page for years.

How Can You Improve Your About Page?

When your customers get to your about page, what do they see? The same old generic copy outlining your team's work ethic and something about how far you've come in the last few years? Or are they greeted with something that will genuinely give them insight into what your business does, what makes it unique, and help them to understand the people behind the business?

All too often businesses are afraid of being too honest. But authentic, transparent content that shows the human side of your business will separate you from competitors! So include a funny story from your journey to where you are today, or a cool fact about your work. You could take a look at your competitors’ About pages and use that as inspiration. What haven't they included? But above all, be authentic. That's what customers are looking for, after all.

You could do this with an “Our Story” video told by various people throughout the business, or short bio videos from your team. Video connects with people more than any other form of content, and makes your business stand out from the crowd (read more in our article on how to make your business stand out with video content). These factors all contribute towards a customer’s decision to buy, and will lead to an increase in your conversion rate.

For more tips on increasing your conversion rate with your website read our article.

So how does your about page stand out? Is it really about you? Or is it another generic page of "blah blah blah"? Have a think about how you can improve it and you'll see customers' trust in your business increase massively, and see your conversion rate follow!

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