How to Use Video Content

March 30, 2023
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When creating video content, don’t just use it for the same kind of content you normally make. Do something different! Video is a great tool for doing something a bit creative, something different that will make your business stand out. Whether sharing stories from your team or showing some of your work, there’s so much you can do instead of simply promoting your product or service.

Video Content for Social Media

There’s a constant stream of businesses using social media for one purpose: to sell as much as possible. What’s the problem with that? Don’t all businesses want to sell as much as possible?

Whilst this may be largely true, it’s about how businesses go about doing this. Video content gives you the opportunity to stand apart from the transactional, sales-type content that your competitors will be churning out. Instead of showing how great your product is, show how great your business is! Talk about your background, your team, the business’ journey, your values – these will all separate you from the usual stream of content. Video is amazing for capturing the attention, but once you’ve captured it you need to hold it. By making something a bit out of the ordinary you’re far more likely to keep people engaged.

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Videos as Digital Assets

Video isn’t just for social media! This is a big mistake that businesses make when creating and distributing the videos they create. When you create a piece of content that takes as much time, effort and money as video does, you want to get the maximum return on your investment.

Think of your videos as digital assets that can be used and repurposed across various platforms and distribution channels. Create content that you can use on your social media by all means, but that shouldn’t be the sole purpose. Video is great for websites, blogs, newsletters, and any other way you can think of for interacting with clients. Use it to engage, educate and build relationships between your business and customer base.

Video Content and the Customer Journey

As far as the customer journey is concerned, this is another area where video content if often under-utilised.

Businesses will create a flashy video to promote a product no problem. But this is too short sighted and only focuses on capturing the attention of potential customers - the very beginning of the customer journey. To really harness video and get the most out of this medium, it should be used across the customer journey. From initial engagement right through to after-sales, video content has a huge role to play.

Of course video is great for capturing attention, but it can do so much more than that. It can play a massive role in a customer’s decision to buy if they have had all their questions and concerns addressed with helpful, informative videos from your team. Then in after-sales video content can be used to maintain that relationship that your previous videos would have done so well at building! By affording extra care to this stage of the customer journey you’ll do wonders for your retention, referrals and reputation.

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What Videos Should I be Making?

It’s all very well being told to make videos, but what should you be making them about?

There’s lots that video is good at, but most of all it’s great for building trust with clients. This is done through educational, honest, authentic content that adds value to their lives in one way or another.

This could be in the form of a meet the team videos, product tutorials, how to find us timelapses, customer testimonials, or showcases of your recent work. These will all build up that all important relationship with your clients and create a great impression of your business before you’ve even met!

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Video offers so much value, but with the cost of making them you want to be sure you’re getting it right. Use this information to not only create great videos for your business, but also to implement them across your marketing channels. Send a “Just saying hello” video when someone signs up to your mailing list, create a time-lapse of a recent project, or have videos for your FAQ section on your website to give it that much more of a personal feel. You’ll see the benefits with great relationships with customers and increased conversion rates in no time!

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